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  • HOME: base or splash page for this site
  • MAP: on this page you can pre-select the distribution layers that you want to view in the GeoSpatial Mapping Portal (GIS Portal).
  • ABOUT: tells what this site is about and gives more background information
    • you can give us your general feedback via this form, the good and the bad, so we can continue to improve this web site.
    • Also on this page you can report new animal observations. These observations are limited to the list of species found on the About page.
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Map page

When you go to the GeoSpatial Mapping Portal you will come up first off with the map of New Zealand showing the Animal Distribution layers you pre-selected from this site. There are many other layers from which you can also select and view (on the topics and layers tab), putting a bit of context around your Animal Distribution layers. You can also select from a list of other Animal Distribution layers.

In the GIS Portal you can do such things as zoom in and out or pan around the country and identify features. The identify tool allows you to identify all available features at a certain point on the map. With this tool one or more datasets will be displayed below the map, giving you a few details about each layer feature found at the point where you clicked.


If you have further questions or recommendations, please click on the FEEDBACK tab and fill in your request.